BALAJADIA FAMILY (1600 - 1649)

The Map of Asia showing that Balajadia ancestor originates from India evacuated to Philippines during British Colonization.

The above letter describes about the origin of Balajadia written in Tagalog.

Balajadia ancestor was originated from a certain town in India around 1600. When Great Britain colonized India, some Indians were evacuated elsewhere and the ancestor was evacuated in Philippines. In Philippines, Balajadia Family began in Mindanao and Datu Soliman is their leader in Mindanao. When the war between Muslims and Spaniards came, some members of Balajadia Family are killed and the rest of the family members were evacuated somewhere in Luzon area. In the record of LDS in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, Balajadia Family began in Candava, Mekene (now Pampanga). One son of Balajadia Family is married to a native lady in Pampanga and they blessed with two sons.