Q: Are you familiar with Quezon Province?

A: Yes, of course. Quezon is a big province and also a well-known province in Philippines. I've never been in the province since when I was in Philippines. I heard that province always since my childhood. I know that Quezon City is not in Quezon. Quezon City is located in Metropolitan Manila Area at the western part of Rizal. If you say Quezon in Philippines, you are referring to the province and if say Quezon City in Philippines, you are referring to the city itself. Don't be confused with Quezon City and Quezon. When I was in elementary, we studied the map of Philippines. Quezon is still located in Luzon Area that connects the Bicol Region.

Q: Could you please describe about Province of Quezon if you are familiar in that province?

A: Well, Quezon is located north of Marinduque, south of Aurora, east of Bulacan, Rizal, Laguna, and Batangas, and west of Camarines Norte and Camarines Sur. Quezon is also in Region 4 or Southern Tagalog Region and it is a gateway to Bicol Region. Quezon was named after our late President of Philippines, Manuel Luis Quezon. Tayabas was a former name of a province. Later, Tayabas becomes Quezon and Aurora. Aurora was named after Aurora Aragon Quezon, wife of Manuel Luis Quezon. Quezon is now a well-known province in Philippines as what I said because of its very nature place.

Q: How big is Province of Quezon?

A: Quezon (Map of Quezon) consists of the following cities and towns:

Q: We heard that Province of Quezon is also a rich province in Philippines, isn't it?

A: Yes. Quezon is now recently a rich province in Philippines. Previously, Quezon is a simple province but this province is rich in nature, culture, and history. There are many caves in the province that attracts the visitors, tourists, and foreigners. Agriculture, fishing, and farming are the source of income in the province. There are many beaches and resorts there that visitors, tourists, and foreigners like because since it is located along the ocean side. Also, Quezon is a place or venue for many television or movie shootings there that's why there are many exclusive hotels and resorts there for celebrities and press reporters. There are many festivals in the province like Tagkawayan Day, Sinampalukan Festival, Candle Festival, Pahiyas Festival, Pasayahan sa Lucena, Coco-Lunay Festival, Cow Festival, Maubanog Festival, and so on. During the fiestas in the province, the whole province is almost crowded because there are many visitors, tourists, and foreigners that attending the festivals, too. There are lot of sweet delicacies, foods and dishes there especially during the fiestas mostly in many households and residents there. The people in Quezon are very hospitable and approachable especially to the visitors, tourists, and foreigners. Since Quezon has a lot of coconut plantations, the people there are making copra, coconut oil, coconut extracts, coconut milk, coconut vinegar, coconut soy sauce, lambanog, and other products made from coconut. Also, they are making handicrafts made from coconut. The people there are making Barong Tagalog and Baro't Saya because there are many plantation of pineapples as well. Their main dish in the province called hardinera, it is a kind of dish that is similar to meat loaf or embutido. They are making this dish especially during their special occasions and fiestas. I wish later that I can visit in Quezon again because I want to discover more about this province.

Q: What are the main roads in Province of Quezon?

A: Well, I am not familiar with the main roads there because I am not a native resident of Quezon. Anyway, the main roads that I know are the following: AH26, Lucena Diversion Road, Batangas Quezon Road, Padre Burgos Agdangan National Road, Quirino Highway, and so on.

Q: Is it true that there are many actors and politicians that are came from Quezon?

A: Yes. That's true. There are many well-known actors and politicians who are a native resident of Quezon as follows: Claro Mayo Recto, Manoling Morato, Lorenzo Taņada, Aiza Seguerra, Tommy Abuel, Anna Capri, Romeo Vasquez, and Edgar Mortiz.

Q: We heard that you were arrived in Philippines on November 9, 2009. Since you are a Balikbayan, did you have a tour in Province of Quezon?

A: Yes. I went to Quezon on November 27, 2009 with my cousin, Mark Anthony Tan, to visit the entire province because I've never been there when I was a resident in Philippines. Thanks God that I have enough time to visit the province because my vacation days in Philippines is so hectic. We visited a town of Tiaong, a first town of Quezon after you passed the province of Laguna. We were supposed to visit at Villa Escudero but the area is so big because the whole resort is located between San Pablo City and Tiaong and it is about 1 kilometer walk from the main gate there. Because of this and we don't have enough time, we decided not to go there. Maybe in the future if we have a vehicle. Anyway, we visited the house of Claro Mayo Recto, a well-known notable senator in Philippines but his shrine or house is already demolished due to its very old and the woods are already very brittle. His shrine is now converted into a park or monument. Another tourist spot in Tiaong is Hugo's Pottery. Tiaong is also a well-known town in Quezon for making potteries from clay. We visited the pottery factory and there are many potteries and other handicrafts there. Because of heavy traffic in Laguna and Batangas, we were not able to visit in Lucban and Lucena City. Many of my friends told me that Lukban and Lucena City are also the good places to visit. Maybe next time if will visit in Philippines again in the future. Thanks God that we had a good travel in Quezon.

Q: How's the weather in Province of Quezon?

A: Well, the weather there was good because it is sunny but windy sometimes. The temperature there is 90°F during days and 75°F during nights. I like the weather there that's why there are many visitors, tourists, and foreigners there. During rainy season especially if there's a storm or typhoon, the area is so windy and the ocean waves are very strong because it is located at the ocean side.

Q: Do you recommend to anyone to visit in Province of Quezon?

A: Yes, of course. I am inviting everyone to visit in Quezon because it is also a nice place to visit especially the resorts, beaches, seafoods, festivals, and the nature places like mountains and caves. Although Quezon is a simple but big province, it is a nice place to visit there especially the beaches, resorts, and caves. I will recommend or suggest to everyone that you must have at least 2 weeks vacation in order for you to see or visit the whole province because as I said that Quezon is a big and long province. There are many islands in the province also and you need to take a ferry or boat ride in order to visit the islands there.

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